iMAX Commercial Inverter
80-310kW T3 Tropical 50-60Hz Back

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Swimming pool heat pumps

80-310kW T3 Tropical 50-60HziMAX Commercial Inverter

HP BLACK Inverter |
HP GREEN Inverter Pro |
80-310kW T3 Tropical 50-60Hz |
50-450kW T3 Tropical 60Hz |
Tropical kit | up to 800 m³
  • COP 16.1
  • 60 Hz
  • 16 units cascade
  • +55 °C ambient
  • Heating and cooling
  • Mitsubishi DC compressor
  • Hitachi DC compressor
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Main Features

Commercial Microwell iMAX air source swimming pool heat pump is designed for heavy duty heating and cooling pool jobs in tropical weather with occasional sand storms

  • Designed for TROPICAL weather 2~53°C
  • Full Inverter Technology
  • High COP up to 16.1 which is 2.6x higher than by traditional fixed speed (on/off) system
  • High EER in cooling up to 4.15 which is almost 40% higher than by traditional fixed speed system
  • Automatic 0~100% power regulation to maximize COP and ensure low noise
  • Durable metal design with multiple compressor system
  • Titanium Grade1 ASTM B265M titanium used inside water heat exchangers designed to work fresh, salt or chlorine water
  • Vertical fan discharge for ideal placement in noise damping chambers
  • GoldFin hydrophobic epoxy protection of the fins against sea wind, sand, dust and effective de-icing
  • Automatic overheat control to ensure heating and cooling in peak day time hot weather
  • Automatic defrost to ensure heating operations during winter time
  • 3 single units with capacities 80-175-310kW
  • Mitsubishi and Hitachi full DC inverter compressors
  • DC fan speed mode to support low noise
  • Electronic expansion valve for more precise refrigerant flow for maximum COP and kW at each weather condition
  • Centralized control of up to 16 heat pumps (RS-485)
  • WIFI control compatible
  • On-site service support possible
  • 15 years of experience with Middle East applications
  • Self-developed driver board with gas cooling technology

GoldFin - epoxid aluminium 100% corrosion free

Vertical discharge

Reliable solution for Middle East

iMax 80
iMax 175
iMax 310
Refrigerant R410A R410A R410A
Operating air temperature (°C) 2~53°C 2~53°C 2~53°C
Performance Condition (Air 27°C/Water 26°C/Humid. 80%) Heating
Power Boost Mode (kW) 80 175 310
Heating Capacity (kW) 12.20~65.00 28.20~130.00 61.30~250.00
Consumed power (kW) 0.76~10.65 1.76~20.97 3.81~40.85
COP 6.10~16.10 6.20~16.00 6.12~16.10
Performance Condition (Air 15 °C/Water 26 °C/Humid. 70%) Heating
Power Boost Mode (kW) 60 135 230
Heating Capacity(kW) 9.60~50.10 22.2~100.00 50.00~190.00
Consumed power (kW) 1.14~10.20 2.61~20.41 5.81~38.00
COP 4.91~8.40 4.90~8.50 5.00~8.60
Performance Condition (Air 53°C/Water 30 °C/Humid. 60%) Cooling
Power Boost Mode (kW) 25 75 140
Cooling Capacity(kW) 8.2~18.4 44.00~54.80 58.3~110
Consumed power (kW) 2.02~6.28 10.73~17.79 14.05~35.48
EER 3.00~4.05 3.08~4.01 3.10~4.15
Performance Condition (Air 43°C/Water 26°C/Humid. 70%) Cooling
Power Boost Mode (kW) 42 96 170
Cooling Capacity(kW) 15.00~30.20 59.40~73.4 90~130
Consumed power (kW) 2.94~7.37 13.81~13.85 16.36~28.89
EER 4.10~5.10 4.30~5.30 4.5~5.5
Technical Specifications
Power Supply 380-415V~/3Ph~ 60hz and 50hz 380-415V~/3Ph~ 60hz and 50hz 380-415V~/3Ph~ 60hz and 50hz
Fan Quantity 2 2 2
Fan Speed (RPM) 850 850 850
Compressor Brand Mitsubishi DC type Hitachi DC type Hitachi DC type
Sound Pressure 1m dB(A) 60 63 65
Sound Pressure in silence mode 1m 41 42 45
Water Connection (mm) 63 110 110
Water Flow Volume (m3/h) 25 45 45
Net Dimensions L/W/H (mm) 1750×840×1750 2260×1150×2130 2480×1330×2360

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