Quality And Certification

Quality and certification

At Microwell we believe in ongoing improvement of our work, enhancing our processes, producing our products that surpass our clients‘ needs. The motivation to improve the existing and exceed the average is what determines us and sets us apart from our competitors. Only by providing an outstanding work and exemplary products we will continue to stay in the lead as innovative, reliable and trusted industry name.


The quality policy of the organization MICROWELL, spol. with regard to its express a clear intention to provide quality products with the purpose of meeting customer requirements, stabilizing the company's position in the market, and ensuring its further development.

To achieve this goal, we plan the following:

  1. Fulfill the requirements placed on the product by the customer, constantly improve the quality of the product, and increase customer satisfaction.
  2. Constantly improve the performance of the organization and the efficiency of company management.
  3. Protect the environment and improve the working conditions of employees in terms of safety and health at work.
  4. Develop human potential and increase the professional competence of employees.
  5. Improve the quality management system.


The basic principles of the Environmental Policy of the organization MICROWELL, spol. Ltd. with reference to all binding documents are as follows:

  1. Maintain and develop an environmental management system based on the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, taking into account the environmental legislation in force in the Slovak Republic and other environmental requirements adopted by the organization MICROWELL, spol. Ltd.
  2. Minimize the adverse effects of production activities, products, and services on the living and working environment through active prevention and continuous improvement of processes.
  3. Take environmental aspects into account when purchasing input raw materials, materials, energy, and services, as well as when introducing new processes and technologies.
  4. Increase the environmental awareness of all employees.


In the course of its business activities, the company MICROWELL s.r.o. relies on the experience of its employees. This reliance is grounded in their dedication, understanding of the issues, and management skills, all aligned with the company's core focus.

  1. The company's management commits to:
  2. Respecting all legislative and other OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) requirements and integrating them into company management.
  3. Identifying, analyzing, and assessing risks related to work activities and continually and permanently improving the OSH system.
  4. Creating safe and healthy working conditions.
  5. Developing professional training and enhancing employees' awareness of OSH principles to ensure safe work and health protection.
  6. Issuing rules and instructions to ensure health and safety in compliance with legal regulations.
  7. Informing employees and employee representatives about the state of health and safety, particularly in the context of eliminating risks in the workplace.
  8. Maintaining and consistently enhancing the management system for safety and health protection at work with the active involvement of all employees.

We strive for long-term success, and that is why we build on the foundation of quality in all business phases and work aspects.

Alignment of customers‘ needs with key strengths.

Continuous improvement of products and processes.

Investment in new technologies.

Development, empowerment and support of team members.

Treating all team members as partners; with dignity and respect.

Implementation of process, equipment and system control and quality check.

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