Swimming pool heat pumps

We develop and manufacture heat pumps for family and hotel pools, whirlpools, cooling boxes for athletes and cooling pools for saunas. Our specialty is year-round heat pumps for indoor pools with a -15 °C function, as well as units for the tropical zone with an ambient air temperature of up to +60 °C. We can heat the water up to 45 °C and also cool it down to 5 °C. We offer all models in monobloc and split versions. We work with salt, chlorine or sulphur water.


Special application


Fish pond / Oyster

heat pump

Explore Microwell’s solution for water temperature control for fish ponds, oyster farms, jelly fish tanks and other fish applications. Our applications stretch from Oyster farms in Ireland through Koi fish ponds in Netherlands and Jelly fish tanks in Poland to perch farms in Hungary.

Fish pond / Oyster heat pump

Delightful swimming

Pool temperature control whatever the weather is a key feature for regular or occasional swimmers.

If you require a specific pool water temperature to boost your performance as a professional swimmer; or if you wish for a warm bath for yourself or your small kids; or if you wish for a refreshing plunge in the summer, a reversible heat pump from Microwell ensures all of that. Using only electricity it can heat or cool your water as per your preference in a wide range from +5°C up to +45°C. No oil, gas or other fuel is needed. Microwell heat pump heats or cools the water, as per your desire, whatever the weather; during the day, during the night, during rainy or cloudy days.

Heating in winter

During colder months or nights, swimming pools continually lose heat through evaporation and convection; simply because energy is transferred from warmer object to a cooler one. Certain measures such as pool cover, shade or wind shield help but cannot eliminate the effect of water cooling. Heat loss must be actively compensated in order to maintain a desired, comfortable, water temperature. Microwell pool heat pumps can effectively heat the water.

Cooling in summer

During warmer months or sunny peak days, swimming pools are exposed to solar gain and convection heat gains since everything around them is warmer than water; simply because the energy is transferred from warmer object to a cooler one. If left untreated, pool water inside swimming pool will become uncomfortably hot which will prevent the user from having a pleasant bathing experience. Measures such as pool cover, shade or wind shield help but cannot eliminate the effect of undesired water temperature increase. Microwell pool heat pump can effectively cool the water and thus ensure delightful swimming.


Power supply1f / 3f1f / 3f1f / 3f1f / 3f1f / 3f
Frequency50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz or 60 Hz50 Hz or 60 Hz
IOT console✔️
Wifi module✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
ApplicationHandy Hand PumpSmart LifeSmart LifeSmart LifeSmart Life
Water connection50 mm50 mm50 mm50 mm50 mm
Chassis materialABS plasticABS plasticABS plasticmetalmetal
Standard air temperature range-7°C up to +43°C-15°C up to +43°C-5°C up to +43°C-15°C up to +43°C-15°C up to +43°C
Tropical air temperature range+5°C up to +60°C+5°C up to +60°C
Temperature range of water heating+15°C up to +35°C+18°C up to +40°C+15°C up to +40°C+5°C up to +45°C+5°C up to +45°C
Temperature range of water cooling+8°C up to +35°C+12C up to +30°C+8°C up to +28°C+5°C up to +45°C+5°C up to +45°C
EEV valve✔️✔️✔️
Heating power9 up to 15 KW11 up to 27 KW9 up to 16 KW23 up to 28 KW24 up to 30 KW
Cooling power2,7 up to 5,4 KW4,5 up to 11,9 KW4,9 up to 8,3 KW20 up to 35 KW21,7 up to 26,8 KW
Chlorine water✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Salt water✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Fresh water✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Titanium water exchanger✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Titanium grade - Grade1 ASTM B265M - 99.495% Titanium✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Compressor + fan speed controlDC, variableDC, variableAC, fixed speedAC, fixed speedAC, fixed speed

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Frequently searched phrases

Heat pump with titanium exchanger

A swimming pool heat pump equipped with a titanium exchanger signifies a significant advancement in pool heating technology. The use of titanium in the heat exchanger enhances the system's resistance to corrosion, making it particularly well-suited for the demanding environment of a swimming pool. This not only extends the lifespan of the heat pump but also ensures efficient and consistent heating performance. The titanium exchanger in swimming pool heat pumps is a testament to the industry's commitment to durability, energy efficiency, and the overall enjoyment of pool owners seeking reliable and sustainable heating solutions for their aquatic spaces.

Swimming pool heat pump with cooling

A swimming pool heat pump with cooling capabilities adds a versatile dimension to aquatic comfort. This advanced system not only efficiently heats the pool water but can also be reversed to provide cooling during warmer seasons. By leveraging the same technology that warms the pool, the heat pump extracts heat from the water and releases it into the surrounding air, effectively lowering the pool temperature. This dual-functionality enhances the usability of swimming pools, making them enjoyable year-round by maintaining optimal water temperatures regardless of the external climate.

Swimming pool heat pump for winter conditions

A swimming pool heat pump designed for winter conditions operates by harnessing ambient air temperature to efficiently heat the pool water, even in colder weather. Unlike traditional heaters, these pumps use electricity to transfer heat from the surrounding air to the pool water through a refrigeration cycle. The system remains effective in winter, although its efficiency may decrease as the temperature drops. To enhance performance, some models include features like defrost cycles and advanced controls, ensuring that pool owners can enjoy comfortable water temperatures even during colder months.

Split swimming pool heat pump with wifi

The split swimming pool heat pump with Wi-Fi integration epitomizes modern convenience in aquatic temperature control. This innovative system allows users to remotely monitor and adjust their pool's temperature settings through a user-friendly Wi-Fi interface, providing unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. With the ability to optimize heating schedules and energy consumption from a smartphone or other connected devices, this technology not only enhances user experience but also promotes energy efficiency by ensuring the pool is heated precisely when needed. This combination of split heat pump technology and Wi-Fi connectivity sets a new standard for intelligent and user-centric pool heating solutions.

Swimming pool heat pump for jacuzzi and whirlpool

A swimming pool heat pump for a Jacuzzi or whirlpool is a crucial component that enhances the overall experience of these aquatic amenities. Specifically designed for these smaller bodies of water, the heat pump efficiently regulates the water temperature, providing a comfortable and enjoyable environment for users. This technology is not only energy-efficient but also extends the usability of the Jacuzzi or whirlpool throughout the year, making it a valuable investment for both residential and commercial settings. The precise temperature control and reliability of swimming pool heat pumps contribute to a luxurious and relaxing aquatic experience.

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