Product Development

Product development


From the very beginning, we have been striving to shape the world, fostering progress, sustainability, prosperity. The backbone of our achievements has always been a vision to make things better by using intelligent engineering. This is what we ingrain in every product, in everything we do. Our company takes great effort in cultivating creative and dynamic environment. We invest in research and support our team of engineers and industry specialists to understand our customer, to think big and to make an impact. Equipped with core strategic competencies, we take pride in being a manufacturer with leading technology and extensive industry experience.


In our onsite laboratory and testing facility, fully equipped, qualified and certified for detailed analysis and evaluation is where our products uncover their full potential. Subjected to rigorous testing process, which includes various simulated climate and temperature conditions well beyond industry norms, final product fine-tuning takes place, ensuring uncompromising quality and unparallel performance. Once verified and approved product is standardised and assembled under skilled hands and eyes of our experienced technicians and engineers. The result is products designed to surpass expectations.


Dedicated to enhancement on every phase of the product lifecycle, we pay special attention to equipment, operation and control optimisation. Starting with the selection of edgy components, we ensure conditions for longevity and maximal performance of our products otherwise impossible. Proud to manufacture our products in Slovakia, with them we continuously push the boundaries of existing technology, implementing new, innovative solutions to reach optimal control span and final effectiveness, not forgetting to fulfil ecological footprint and other industry determined standards. We create intelligent products.