DRY Siren pool dehumidifier

Ceiling mounted

Microwell DRY SIREN ceiling dehumidifier offers so much more than meets the eye. Designed to effectively tackle humidity for pools up to 120 m2 water surface and provide not-before-seen features that every single pool uses. Each pool or spa installs light and sound system. DRY SIREN includes that all. And so much more! Explore our unique one-in-the-industry ceiling pool dryer.

360° air coverage

Unlike standard dehumidifiers with single air inlet and outlet that often create areas of high humidity, the DRY SIREN pool dryer, thanks to its round shape design, offers unique 360° air dispersion. Circular shape blows dry air in all directions equalizing the humidity in every part of a pool hall.

5-in-1 all in design

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Microwell DRY Siren pool dryer, combines functionality that surpasses current standards. As a highly effective dehumidifier, DRY Siren is equipped with a Bluetooth loudspeaker, LED lamp, pool climate protection that we call “microLIGHT” and heat recovery offering you free heat. You can thus stream and enjoy your music and comfort your feelings by tone and intensity of light. Should the humidity be too high or too low, DRY SIREN will tell you that by red or blue color.

Whisper quiet

A pool dehumidifier with a low noise level is a desirable feature, especially in applications where silence is preferred such as residential indoor pools, hotels or wellness facilities. Microwell dehumidifier units are known for their decent noise levels. DRY SIREN ceiling dryer makes an extra effort in providing more silent operations since its compressor is installed in technical room far away from your pool. The only sound you can hear is the DC fan motor.

Split unit

Microwell DRY SIREN pool dryer comes exclusively in split make consisting of 2 separate units; indoor round-shape unit and compressor unit. They are connected by refrigerant lines. This means that indoor unit provides dry air while compressor cabinet unit can be installed as far as 20 meters away, typically in a plant room or outside wall just like an air conditioner. Such design provides never-before-seen comfort in terms of installation flexibility and super quiet operations of the indoor unit.

Ideal for all-round glass walls

Thanks to unique 360° all round design, the DRY SIREN is ideal for humidity control inside glass walls pools. It distributes the air evenly on whole surface of the glass walls or windows thus preventing the condensation on their surface. Thanks to built-in heat recovery function, the DRY SIREN also provides free heating in excess of 3.500W per 1 indoor unit. The more the windows or glass wall surface is heated, the less chance of condensation.

Maximize savings - save by drying

Experience unparalleled efficiency with our cutting-edge pool dehumidifier, boasting a remarkable energy consumption rate from 0.393 kWh per liter. This revolutionary system employs advanced technology to extract excess moisture from the air with minimal power usage, ensuring highly economical operations. By efficiently controlling humidity levels in your pool area, this dehumidifier not only enhances comfort but also significantly reduces energy costs, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice for maintaining an optimal indoor pool environment.

DRY 300
DRY 400
DRY 500
DRY 800
DRY 1200
Capacity 30°C|60% RH 36 L/ day 48 L/ day 66L/ day 90L/ day 120L/ day 60L/ day 120L/ day
kWh per liter 0,527 0,412 0,423 0,533 0,393 0,425 0,422
€ per liter* 0,08€ 0.06€ 0.06€ 0,08€ 0.06€ 0.06€ 0.06€

*at 0.15€/kWh standard Eastern Europe rate. Valid for all model makes: WAVE, METAL, SILVER, THROUGH-THE-WALL Measured at typical pool conditions of 30°C and 60% relative humidity.

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