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Aluminum floor air grills

Aluminum floor air grills | Duct
Pool size

Comfortable room climate - Balanced air flow - Corrosion resistant - Now with microLIGHT+
Aluminum floor air grills for swimming pools the ASS, ASU & ASR types are additional accessories to be optional supplied with swimming pool dehumidifiers range DRY DUCT.
Thanks to very low pressure drop (10 Pa per 1 metre in average) they are ideal for ensuring proper air flow and circulation in pool hall thus keeping the requested humidity and air temperature under control.

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Size guide
Number of slots (pcs)
Effective slot width (mm)
Recommended air flow (m³/h per running meter)
Maximum air flow (m³/h per running meter)
ASS1 ASU1 ASR1 1 8 75 85
ASS2 ASU2 ASR2 2 16 150 170
ASS3 ASU3 ASR3 3 24 225 225
ASS4 ASU4 ASR4 4 32 300 340
ASS5 ASU5 ASR5 5 40 375 425

Slotted air inlets represent accessories for duct pool dehumidifiers – DUCT. Swimming pool floor slot inlets are used to supply air to the pool halls. They are placed next to the windows. Together with the air handling unit equipped with heating unit they create air "curtain" in front of the windows, which does not let through any wet air to the windows. This prevents the windows from misting up and reduces the heat loss of the windows. Therefore there comes to significant saving on heating costs.


  • New design with improved air flow and dimensional stability designed especially for use in swimming pools
  • Made of AIMg aluminum, corrosion resistant
  • Height-adjustable fasteners
  • Construction length from 40 to 300 cm
  • Wiping discs without significantly increasing energy losses
  • Cover profiles providing protection during construction work
  • Architecturally perfectly integrated, they do not require any additional radiators by the pool
  • Full coverage of heat demand


The LED light is light-emitting on the surface, and the sound is on the surface. It is the color of the RGB control unit. As an alternative, the microLIGHT + system will be equipped with a light source, and the light will be switched on with a lightning-free connection. This means that the system is equipped with a suitable spare part, which is safe. In the light of the black light, the upper part of the black-and-white basin, and the energy consumption of the power plant, there is no need to make it work. In the green light, there will be a number of common goals, especially in the middle of the summer. The red hair is a great place to eat. It is important to ensure that the number of parties (including the use of the instrument, in accordance with the rules), in accordance with the requirements of this Directive, and to ensure that the LED is mutually variable, in particular, a single device. The equipment is equipped with steam baths, power supply, high-speed air fresheners, non-hot tubs, heated steam bath, etc.

The LEDs of the aluminum alloys are equipped with IP68 lightning rods. This means that even if the LED visa is measured, the device will be equipped with a softener, it will be possible to operate the system, and it will be 100% safe.

LED aluminum pipes are used for the design of medical devices, hotel accessories or medical devices.


Slotted diffusers are an elegant solution for air supply to the pool. Located next to the windows, they enable air flow in the pool hall, creating an air curtain that prevents condensation. They are made of highly durable duralumin and anti-corrosion aluminum and have symmetrical, asymmetrical and removable design with various forms such as mounting rail, support channel, diffusions, corners, end parts, etc.

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