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Swimming pool dehumidifiers

DRY 1200Horizon

DRY 300 | 30 m²
DRY 400 | 45 m²
DRY 500 | 60 m²
DRY 800 | 90 m²
DRY 1200 | 120 m²
  • Concealed
  • Designed for installation in false ceiling, wall or floor
  • Air flow up to 2.150 m3/h
  • External pressure up to 275 Pa
  • Operational point of 1.500m3/h with 200Pa
  • Extraction rate up to 194 kg/day A30RH80
  • 500mm height
  • G3 filter
  • 1phase / 220-240V

EAN CODE: 0745314271257

Where to buy

Explore our most powerful dehumidifier primarily designed to maintain ideal climate in swimming pools. It controls humidity, air temperature and ventilates fresh air. Its design calls for installation in a technical room, ceiling or by stairs in a plant room. It is made in a practical shape allowing placement on the floor, wall or ceiling. It is capable of extracting almost 200 liters of vapor from air per day (at 30°C air temperature and 80% relative humidity). It has powerful fans that can reach massive 2.150m3/h air flow. Explore HORIZON DRY.

3 air outlet directions

DRY HORIZON is made with complete flexibility in mind. In a standard issued unit you have 3 various air outlet connections. You can connect from the side, from the bottom and to the top. Thus no matter the position or placement of the unit, you still will be able to easily connect any air ducting.

Service / maintenance hatch

Maintenance or service cannot get easier. We designed large hatch which is actually about a size of the entire side of the dehumidifier. This allows any installer or technician to have full access to all inner parts, sensors and components. This way we achieve what we all want, a quick cost-efficient maintenance or service.

+15°C to +36°C applications

DRY HORIZON can work efficiently in environment with air temperature starting at 15°C up to +36°C.

Only 540mm in height

We wanted the DRY HORIZON to be as sleek as possible. For a dehumidifier of this capacity, the 540mm (21.3”) of height is really thin. The whole unit will easily fit into most technical and plant rooms or false ceilings in pools.

Massive air heating available

Up to 15.5kW water heating coil is available with the unit which is enough for more than 300m2 of floor space to be heated. Along with the additional air heating, the unit provides cost-free heat recovery up to 6.0kW. Combined, this is enough to cover more than 400m2 of floor space.

GoldFin exchanger protection

Crafted with precision and innovation, the GoldFin epoxy protection shields the heat exchanger fins against corrosion caused by chlorine, salt, and moisture. This advanced technology not only extends the lifespan of the exchanger fins but also enhances heat transfer efficiency, resulting in a more energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for your pool heating needs.

Technical data

Pool surface, m2 90 m2 120 m2
Extraction rate @ 30°C / 60% RH, liters per 24 hours 94 l/24hrs 127 l/24hrs
Extraction rate @ 30°C / 80% RH, liters per 24 hours 141 l/24hrs 194 l/24hrs
Air flow, m3/h / Pa 1.150 m3/h | 150 Pa 1.800 m3/h | 150 Pa
Maximum air flow, m3/h at lowest external pressure 1400 m3/h 2.150 m3/h
Available external pressure, Pa 275 Pa 275 Pa
Accoustic pressure, dB(A) 1m 58 dB(A) 64 dB(A)
Power consumption, W 2.000 W 2.300 W
Power supply, V / Hz 230V / 50Hz 230V / 50Hz
Protection IPX4 IPX4
Weight 102 kg 108 kg
Dimensions L x W x H 1080 x 740 x 540 mm 1080 x 740 x 540 mm
Air connection INLET 800x400 mm 800x400 mm
Air connection OUTLET 600x200 mm 600x200 mm
Air connection direction OUTLET 3 - Horizontal, vertical upwards, vertical downwards 3 - Horizontal, vertical upwards, vertical downwards
Filter External, G3-G7 External, G3-G7
Air heating External External
Installation position 3 – Ceiling, Wall, Floor 3 – Ceiling, Wall, Floor
Fresh air supply Yes Yes
Heat recovery 5.100W 5.300W

Blog, news and events

Wide colors options

Wide colors options

Enjoy the experience of a custom-made piece of the art dehumidifier in your pool or in your customer's POOL Why would you have only a box shaped machine placed in your swimming pool hall if you can have a piece of furniture designed according to your own taste and needs? Microwell offers the widest range of colors on the market. We normally haveS200€-cotors$n stock. Colouring based on our customers' own choice IS free of charge and can be done typically withinľá8-hourŕ You can specify your desired color according to international RAL color coding.
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PV ready DRY

PV ready DRY

Your Microwell swimming pool dehumidifier is equipped with PV Ready solution enabling you to minimize your energy bill by powering your swimming pool dehumidifier from photovoltaic energy source. You have several options how to operate your swimming pool dehumidifier: 1.Maximum comfort – swimming pool dehumidifier works as per your request on desired air relative humidity. This is recommended for users who target to achieve desired air relative humidity at all times...
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Microwell introduces lifetime warranty.

Microwell introduces lifetime warranty.

Microwell comes forward and makes a great leap in providing its customers and users of products made by Microwell wider warranty periods. Thanks to reliability of Microwell products, trust and confidence customers and users put into Microwell brand, the swimming pool range “DRY” receives never before seen guarantee commitments in the industry.
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