Microclimate protection

Intelligent pool protection technology microLIGHT+ detects and monitors the level of relative humidity present in the air by using multi-LED light system.


Microwell microLIGHT+ is a unique LED technology designed to quickly and accurately measure the level of humidity in any indoor environment. Working on the principle of relative humidity reading, microLIGHT+uses multi-LED light system to transmit gathered information. Gathered values are automatically reflected in colour gradient, are notifying the level of relative microclimate humidity in real time.


Excessive humidity in living areas has a damaging effect on personal health, and it also affects living conditions at home. Moisture in the form of vapour condensation and general dampness is the main cause for the growth of mould, bacteria and bad odour. Prolonged exposure has a bad effect on personal health and general quality of living conditions.


Not knowing the level of humidity present in the room it is difficult to protect your environment and the people in it. Microwell microLIGHT+ is a simple, most effective and
comfortable way to monitor and prevent excessive humidity exposure.


Microwell microLIGHT+ measures and automatically reflects current relative humidity, changing the colour gradient between blue, green and red colour. Blue LED light indicates a low level of relative humidity, green LED light marks an ideal range of relative humidity, while a shiny red LED light indicates a high level of relative humidity present in the room.


Microwell microLIGHT+ technology was designed to be applicable and used in a variety of environments and ways without any restrictions when it comes to application. Primarily manufactured and installed as an accessory to DRY dehumidifiers, microLIGHT+ is also being designed as a freestanding table lamp that can be placed anywhere in the room. While working as a regular light unit, microLIGHT+ lamp provides the most accurate and safe humidity reading, beneficial for every home environment.

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