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Swimming pool dehumidifiers

DRY 1200Duct

DRY 300 | 30 m²
DRY 400 | 45 m²
DRY 500 | 60 m²
DRY 800 | 90 m²
DRY 1200 | 120 m²
WRG | 155 m²
WRC | 200 m²
WRPC | 45-200 m²
Noise Level | DRY 1200 - Microwell
Noise Level
60 dB
Heat Recovery | DRY 1200 - Microwell
Heat Recovery
5250 W
Power Consumption | DRY 1200 - Microwell
Power Consumption
2250 W
Air Flow | DRY 1200 - Microwell
Air Flow
1200 m³/h, 145Pa
Pool size
110 m²
112 l
Colors list

Top extraction - Best efficiency

MICROWELL DRY 1200 is comprehensive solution for indoor swimming pool environment control. Monitoring and regulating humidity and air temperature, MICROWELL DRY 1200 is suitable for bigh pools, wellnesses or hot tubs. Operating on the condensation principle, it provides constant, reliable and highly effective heat recovery with the highest efficiency. Its low sound emisions and exclusive design makes MICROWELL DRY 1200 top innovative solution for indoor pools.

Ducted dehumidifier is a safety solution, because all electric is in a technical room, or somewhere where safety and dry microclimate.

Extended lifetime warranty, click and learn more.

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DRY 1200 - Microwell


Microwell DRY swimming pool dehumidifiers are designed with customer in mind. Built with best materials, modern equipment and carefully executed processes on every step of product development, they offer advanced functionality and the widest selection of accessories for customer‘s satisfaction.

Specially developed dehumidifiers for residential and hotel pools, spa and jacuzzi. If you are looking for a humidity control technology in a private pool, hotel or spa, by Microwell you are in the right place.

DRY1200 will prevent condensation on your windows and walls. It will prevent bacteria grow and strange humid smell or damp feeling. It will do its job fully automatically and quietly.

DRY dehumidifiers are leading Microwell swimming pool dehumidifiers used in 30+ countries to mainly control the humidity in pool and spa areas. DRY dehumidifiers are also vastly used for areas that require effective humidity control with a machine which is as quiet and as less disturbing as possible.

Ducted dehumidifiers are the ideal solution for new pools when the pool is not built yet (ducted dehumidifier should be the first choice). Ducted dehumidifier is in principle the same machine as an ambient or compact dehumidifier. Main differences are higher air flow with higher external pressure and ability to be connected to air ducting. The basic prerequisites when designing an air treatment solution (in this case the intention to dehumidify) are air flow and air circulation. Another big advantage of a ducted dehumidifier is a safety, because all electric is in a technical room, or somewhere where safety and dry microclimate.

DRY1200 DUCT is a duct pool dehumidifier suitable for pools and water areas with water surface up to 110m2.

DRY1200 DUCT is designed for high moisture extraction, low energy consumption and low noise.

DRY1200 DUCT extracts 112 liters of vapor from air per day at typical pool conditions of 30°C air temperature and 60% relative humidity. The unit is capable of removing 170 liters of moisture at 30°C air temperature and 80% relative humidity.

Thanks to outstanding design, leading technology and up-to-date concepts, Microwell products achieve up to 36% lower energy consumption than the others. Our product saves you money every day and helps to keep your bill under control.

DRY dehumidifiers are low energy dehumidifiers designed to save energy costs every hour they run. DRY1200 model uses on average only 2250W of energy. In return the unit provides with an effective humidity control through massive extraction and high heat recovery up to 5250W.

Dehumidify and heat by one device. DRY1200 provides with heat recovery of 5250W while consuming only 2250W. The unit, while dehumidifies, provides with a free heating which can be subtracted from your current heating system. You thus will save twice while running this machine. Should more heating be required, the unit can be equipped with either LPHW (Low Pressure Hot Water coil) or electrical heater with a combined maximum heating ability of an amazing 12.3kW!

DRY dehumidifiers are installed in:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Spas
  • Hotels and Wellnesses
  • Hot tubs and Jacuzzis
  • Fitness clubs
  • Gyms
  • Museums and archives
  • Warehouses
  • Drying rooms for laundry, breweries
  • Military storages
  • Bakeries
  • Wine cellars

DRY1200 DUCT is typically installed in technical room with air ducting installed for air circulation in pool hall.

DRY1200 DUCT comes in a cover made from galvanized steel finished with powder coated enamel protected with anti-corrosive plastic layer. The cover is by standard painted by white RAL9010 color. The cover can be painted in any color according to customer’s wishes. Material is 100% resistant against typical aggressive substances in pool such as chlorine or salt. Cover is well grounded with all other metal parts of the unit providing full safety. The unit is one compact piece only 1247mm in length, 300mm in depth and 950mm in height, it thus can fit to small technical chamber. Air ducting connections are done by a rectangle shape 700x100mm from the back (air in) and selection of position for air out either from the back or from the top. The cover has several separate compartments from the front which easies the access to machine’s parts.

Control or regulation of the unit is very important for a customer. DRY1200 model provides with all possible options you may require. You may go for a classic old school built-in rotary humidistat; you can upgrade to a remote wired humidistat to place it on a wall; you can regulate the unit using remote wireless digital control or simply use built-in digital control. All controls are designed for accuracy and customer comfort.

Noise level is a frequently asked question. As duct machines are installed in technical room and the only connection with pool hall is the air ducting. No compressor noise or vibration enters the pool hall. Despite that , Microwell equips the DRY dehumidifiers Microwell unique technology ultraQUIET+ eliminating any excessive noises or vibrations. Typical noise level of a quiet room is 30dB(A), typical conversation between 2 people can rise up to 60dB(A). Unit’s 60dB(A) at air flow of 1200m3/h @ 145Pa, extraction rate of 170 liters and extra heating of 12.3kW just confirms how unique Microwell machines are.

DRY1200 model uses 5 speed AC fan simulating DC energy saving operations.

DRY1200 model is gentle to environment and eco-friendly as it uses the most advanced R410A refrigerant.

The unit can supply fresh air in excess of 30% of its nominal air flow, i.e. about 360mm3/h. The air is effectively preheated by hot condenser prior it enters pool hall.

Air aggressiveness is very important to a dehumidifier as it typically operates in a chlorine or salty environment. Microwell ensures probably the highest protection of the whole machine and its components. The coils are from anodized aluminum fins coated with GoldFin epoxy finish. Copper pipes are finished with zinc coating for a maximum protection against aggressive substances present in typical pool’s air. All metal parts are galvanized and powder coated, where needed stainless steel or titanium of highest pureness is used.

The units are manufactured in European Union complying with very strict engineering standards. To ensure absolute quality, each unit is individually tested for full operations before it is packed and loaded on truck or container. The factory is certified according to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO112001. Each unit is certified against EU standards holding CE certificates and full Conformity. Other compliant standards are RoHS and IP44.

DRY dehumidifier series have widest range of makes and accessories options on the market. The unit can be adjusted and tailored is such a way that seemingly there is no pool or spa or hotel this dehumidifier could not serve. Please see below section of Standard equipment and Accessories for more information.

Typically, the unit is in stock near you. Due to many different ways the unit can be tailored on demand, it may take up to 10 days to deliver the unit to you.

DRY dehumidifiers are amazing due to their micro+ features providing they have by standard. More info micro+.

Humidity is not an enemy when controlled but can cause serious troubles otherwise. Ideal humidity for pool or spa users is when they feel comfortable. This feeling is achieved by an ideal relative humidity from 55% to 65%. Humidity above 70% is detected by condensation on windows and walls and the humidity continuously deteriorates the pool or spa environment. It is also a perfect environment for mould and bacteria to grow. Humidity lower than 45% actually causes a reversed problem to bathers in the form of dry feeling and possible harm to mucous tissue. The innovative series of Microwell dehumidifiers keep the humidity at ideal 55%-65%.

If you need assistance in sizing the right dehumidifier model for you please use our online calculator providing with an instant model type needed for your pool. CALCULATOR

Or click on HOW CHOOSE A DEHUMIDIFIER on the left side of your screen.

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Technical data

Pool surface (m²)
Extraction rate (l/24hrs) 30°C/60%RH
Extraction rate (l/24hrs)30°C/80%RH
Air flow (m3/h / Pa)
Noise level at 1m dist. (dB(A))
Power consumption (W)
Heat output (W)
Dimensions netto (w/h/l)
Weight netto/brutto (kg)
DRY 300
from 780x660x255
from 40 to 56
DRY 400
from 780x642x255
from 40 to 56
DRY 500
50 - 60
52 - 66
68 - 101
800 - 1000
44 - 56
from 1245x642x300
from 60 to 90
DRY 800
80 - 90
88 - 90
135 - 136
46 - 58
1600 - 1700
from 1247x950x300
from 100 to 135
DRY 1200
110 - 120
112 - 120
170 - 181
46 - 60
2150 - 2250
from 1247x950x300
from 103 to 136

Manufacturer reserves the right to change the technical data without notice.

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