How choose a heat pump?

How choose a heat pump?

A heat pump is selected based on its purpose. In general the selection of a heat pump is based on these major factors:

  • amount of water in the pool (pool size – water volume)
  • water surface cover - yes/no
  • external / internal pool
  • residential / commercial
  • Seasonality - full year usage / season only

Selection is typically based on a proper calculation of a heat loss & gain balance. Above 5 factors are main input for this calculation. Other examples of heat loss & gain factors are: orientation of the external pool in regards to cardinal directions, geographical location of the pool, daily run of filtration, fresh water exchange intensity or refilling, intensity of sun light, winds, etc.

Above information lead to a detailed calculation and selection. However, experience shows that in most cases a pool size can be used as a first hand indicator which in most cases proves to be right. Heat pumps are thus designed for a certain pool volume. Please choose from product models for pools up to 40m3, up to 60m3, up to 70m3, 80m3, 120m3. The newest models iMAX Inverter up to 520m3.

Should your pool be bigger than 120m3, typically multiple heat pumps are used. If you have questions regarding this matter or heat pump selection, please speak to us.