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Completely portable Qmax Tester is a unique device for measurement and optimisation of heat pump‘s performance, ready to assist pool specialists on site.

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Qmax Tester is a unique device for on-site testing and heat pump optimisation. Capable of performing various performance measurements, Qmax Tester is primarily designed to optimise particular heat pump’s installation. The cost savings can reach 30% through increased heat pump’s heating output and COP with not changed power consumption.


One of the most problematic aspects of today’s industry are misleading performance results. Heating outputs and COPs are unreliably increased by up to 40%. This harms both the consumer and the heat pump’s image. To disclose false claims and to show real data, Microwell has designed Qmax Tester.


Qmax is connected to water way between the heat pump and the pool. As the water fl ows through the device, Qmax performs detailed testing, displaying all technical data and performs full optimisation of the heat pump. In no more than 15 minutes!


After Qmax Tester is connected to swimming pool waterway between heat pump and outlet and water flows through the device, it begins measuring heat pump’s performance. In only a few minutes it delivers detailed measurement and reads off six different measurements:

  • Coefficient of performance (COP)
  • Energy efficiency ratio (EER)
  • True heating or cooling output (kW)
  • Heat pump power consumption
  • Water temperature
  • Water flow in m3/h


With Qmax Tester it is possible to adjust and optimise the water flow for a particular heat pump in real time. Qmax Tester can be applied to brand-new or existing installations, increasing the actual performance of a heat pump by up to 30% without the change in power consumption.


Qmax Tester is equipped with 4’’ digital display, on which 6 different measurements and 8 different values are shown in real time.

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