High capacity for aquaparks

Harnessing the efficiency of high-capacity heat pumps for water heating in public venues, like aquaparks, represents a cutting-edge solution for sustainable and cost-effective thermal management. These advanced heat pumps from Microwell excel in extracting heat from the ambient air, even in colder climates, and transferring it to elevate water temperatures in all types of water attractions such as swimming pools, hot tubs, hydro-massage pools and kids’s pools.

Public or hotel objects

Microwell designed iMAX in capacities 60kW and 110kW to fulfil most of demands from aquaparks and hotels. Units are made for 4-season operation from -15°C ambient air up to +43°C. Both units can easily heat or cool the water as per landlord’s request.

Cascade up to 3.000m3

Microwell iMAX60 and 110 are designed to heat or cool 260-520m3 pools. They include RS-485 interface enabling cascade system allowing up to 6 units in a control row. With this set up you are able to control water temperature in pools with up to 3.000m3 in volume.

High energy efficient, low consumption

An energy-efficient, low-consumption inverter heat pump of iMAX line for a pool incorporates advanced technology to maximize heating performance while minimizing energy consumption. Microwell employs the most cutting-edge technology including twin rotary DC compressor, DC fan, variable refrigerant expansion control and GoldFin air exchanger protection. Thanks to this technology the heat pumps provide heat while being ultra quiet.

Choose from available models

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