For tropical conditions up to +60°C

Explore our range of tropical heat pumps designed to operate in ambient air temperature up to 60°C (140°F). In GCC countries the hot summer season lasts for five months with an average daily high temperature above 45°C (113°C), often peaking to above 52°C (126°F). In these temperatures you can still utilize the ambient air to efficiently cool or heat your pool or sanitary water using pool heat pump, however it must be adjusted for this climate.

60°C ambient no problem

Avoid unwanted overheating of your heat pump by employing Microwell tropical heat pumps. We have 14+ years experience with design and production of heat pumps ideal for regions with consistently high temperatures and are designed to operate effectively even in extreme heat. Our applications stretch from Saudi Arabia, through United Arab Emirates up to Kuwait and Qatar.

Verified technology of compressor cooling

A pool dehumidifier with a low noise level is a desirable feature, especially in applications where silence is preferred such as residential indoor pools, hotels or wellness facilities. Microwell dehumidifier units are known for their decent noise levels. Through-the-wall make of a Microwell dryer makes an extra effort in providing more silent operations since it is installed in adjacent room and not directly inside pool hall.

Self-cleaning after sand storm

There are over 100 sand storms per year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia peaking in March to May with average 20+ per month. Whole MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region faces unprecedented challenge against “shamals” (SDS – sand and dust storm). In Microwell we equip each and every one of our tropical pool heat pumps with special technology of self-cleaning. This is activated automatically and most typically after a sand storm. The technology enables self-cleaning of air exchanger part of the heat pumps by water. This prevents malfunctions and ensures continuous ability of a heat pump to cool or heat the water as per user’s request.

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