On demand customization

Microwell provides tailored on-demand service for individual solutions for general prices similar to those of serial production

• Demand your tailor made solution & design by Microwell
• Select from 25 basic models
• Add from 50+ available accessories
• Create right-to-fit unit for your needs

Our company has always looked up to challenges. We are happy to engage new front and push the boundaries because it provides so much more to the client. We are the only swimming pool dehumidifier manufacturer that offers on-demand solution from 1 manufactured piece. In the meantime we are expressing a commitment to challenging the notion that high quality is only attainable by a privileged few who can afford it.

Our philosophy is to bring notable care and exceptional quality workmanship combined with high-end components at a prices our customers demand; comparable to those of series production dehumidifiers.

How a custom-adjusted dehumidifier is created

1. Pool data and calculation

Once we receive your pool data such as pool size, pool temperature, hourly usage per day and a sketch or project drawing, we are able to calculate needed dehumidifier capacity.

2. Unit selection

We propose appropriate unit model and size.

3. Adjustments

You can choose from 50+ accessories, 200+ colors and so much more to have the right fit.

4. Individual tailoring

Should your pool site require additional adjustment such as for example higher-than-standard wall console for your dryer, or air ducting connection from other side, or different service hatch position; we are happy to discuss and propose solution.

5. Finalizing proposal

We carefully evaluate all your requests and based on our best experience we draw the solution, after common agreement we proceed to manufacturing.

6. Lead time

Tailor-made solution we are typically able to manufacture within 1 to 4 weeks from request depending on its complexity.

25 Basic models

Choose from our outstanding models DRY300, DRY400, DRY500, DRY800 and DRY1200.

Wide range of accessories

Customize and select from 50+ available accessory and add-on options containing air filters, air heating, control types (digital, analogue, remote, wired), air temperature range from +5°C to +42°C, fresh air, installation options and many more.

If you did not find what you expected elsewhere, we may have a solution.

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