Basic equipment:


Standard: silver color ‚Tiger‘

White (RAL9010) glossy

Color selection according to your preference (RAL code)


Standard: on the floor

On the wall (floor feet + wall console)

Through-the-wall INDOOR INSTALLATION (main chassis cover from galvanized metal
powder coated RAL9010 with AIR IN from the back, AIR OUT to the back/to the top,
including the through-the-wall ducts set and removable grills, insulated from the inside)

Through-the-wall OUTDOOR INSTALLATION (40mm TTW external aluminum and rubber insulation, winter module, condensate tray defrost, -15°C)


Standard: built-in digital humidistat & thermostat + built-in mechanical humidistat

Remote wireless humidistat & thermos tat DRY EASY 300 + built-in mechanical humidistat (without built-in digital humidistat & thermostat)

Remote wired humidistat EBERLE HYG6001+ built-in mechanical humidistat (without built-in digital humidistat & thermostat)

Remote wired humidistat & thermostat EBERLE HYG7001+built-in mechanical humidistat (without built-in digital humidistat & thermostat)

Air temperature:

Standard: +22°C...+35°C

+15°C...+35°C (with antifreeze thermostat)

+35°C...+42°C (with solenoid bypass and compressor cooling)

Air heating:

Standard: without LPHW (Low Pressure Hot Water)

LPHW, 7 kW, without regulation (external no current contact)

LPHW, 7 kW, fully automatic regulation (with solenoid valve + external no current contact)

Electrical heating 2.5 kW

LPHW connection:

LPHW connection:

  • standard: N/A (without LPHW)
  • from the back
  • from right

standard: without Pool Security microLIGHT+

Pool Security microLIGHT+

Air filter:

Standard: without air filter

Air filter (for model with wall or floor installation: 2-S/M option)

Air filter grid (for model with TTW installation: 2-P/E option)

Fresh air supply:

standard: without fresh air supply

adapter, Ø 100 mm, 50 mm length, galvanized

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