Microwell DRY DUCT and HORIZON ducted pool dehumidifiers replace traditional recuperation methods.


Mar 08, 2024
Microwell DRY DUCT and HORIZON ducted pool dehumidifiers replace traditional recuperation methods. | Blog - Microwell

A pool dehumidifier does not have to be situated solely in the pool room, where it often serves as a distracting element in the interior design. Moreover, it is not required to recuperate thousands of cubic feet of air. The DRY DUCT and HORIZON ducted dehumidifiers will satisfy even the most demanding users.

Microwell has been manufacturing dehumidification units for over 22 years, and its ducted dehumidifiers for swimming pools have successfully replaced a range of pool recuperation units with their innovative features.

Unlike heat recovery units, these dehumidifiers return air to the room that is warmer than the air drawn in, thanks to the free extraction of condensation heat from the moisture. Heat recovery units, in order to maintain the necessary thermal comfort, still have to reheat the incoming air, which can be costly. Additionally, to remove the same amount of moisture from the air, recuperators require a much higher airflow than condensing dehumidifiers, demanding larger fans and greater power consumption. Furthermore, dehumidification with a heat recovery system is not feasible in rainy weather when outdoor humidity is high.

Microwell compressor dehumidifiers can easily provide a suitable indoor pool climate, regardless of the weather or season.

A ducted dehumidifier occupies less space in the utility room, including ducting, than a recuperator, and the purchase price of the dehumidifier is also significantly lower compared to pool recuperators.

The dehumidification capacity of the DRY DUCT and HORIZON units, ranging from 2 to 8 kg/h, is suitable for indoor swimming pools from 10 m² up to a maximum of 120 m² of water surface, depending also on the operating conditions.For higher performance, it is possible to connect multiple units in series.

DRY DUCT ducted dehumidifiers are designed for wall, floor, or under-ceiling installation.

A properly designed ducted dehumidifier and ductwork system will ensure perfect air exchange throughout the room, unlike localized wall-mounted dehumidifiers that only draw in and exhaust air in one location.

We always tailor the manufacture of Microwell units as much as possible to meet the customer's needs. For example, customers can choose the location of the intake and exhaust vents, the method of remote control (wired or wireless controller and higher-level MaR system), fresh air intake, air heating (by hot water or electric insert, replacing radiators or supplementing the output of underfloor heating), air filtration up to 10µm, and other accessories.

Dehumidifiers with additional equipment can operate at low air temperatures down to +5°C, which also opens up possibilities for use outside of pools, for example, in the industrial or food processing sectors.


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