Black Inverter Heat Pumps Revolutionize Heating, Replacing Traditional Green On/Off Models


Jun 20, 2024
Black Inverter Heat Pumps Revolutionize Heating, Replacing Traditional Green On/Off Models | Blog - Microwell

On June 18, 2024, Microwell's main factory site marked a significant milestone by selling the last piece of its HP GREEN heat pump. This event symbolizes the end of an era for the traditional on/off heat pump model that has been a mainstay for years.

In new millennium, Microwell followed global trend and started to develop, manufacture and sell swimming pool heat pumps. Global growth had been 5.2% (CAGR) which has been increasing each year ever since.

In 2012 Microwell introduced robust on/off heat pumps that have gone through several upgrades and changes to address ever coming application challenges. In 2019 the units were converted into “GREEN” using new R32 refrigerant. Microwell followed environmental responsibility demands and reduced CO2 footprint by more than 67% in every new heat pump piece produced.

In 2020 Microwell introduced an alternative: the HP BLACK line of inverter heat pumps perfectly finetuned for seasonal use. This move was to provide an alternative for reliable on-off units and also to complete the range of inverter heat pumps designed for 4-season operations with ambient temperature range from -15°C. Apart from lower noise, the new inverter BLACK line operates, it also offers more options to reduce the energy bill through higher efficiency than traditional on/off models.

You can find comparison of main features between the Green and BLACK below.


Over the past four years, BLACK inverter models have demonstrated their superior performance and efficiency, proving to be a robust and reliable choice for consumers. The HP BLACK line's ability to adapt to varying heating and cooling demands has set a new standard in the industry, showcasing advancements in technology and energy efficiency.

As the HP BLACK line takes center stage, Microwell is embracing the future with a focus on innovation and sustainability. Within range of 7kW-24kW, the transition to exclusive production of inverter units marks a new chapter for the company, highlighting its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and leading the market in energy-efficient heating and cooling technologies.

Explore revolutionary HP BLACK line here.


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