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Swimming pool heat pumps

HP GREEN Inverter Pro1700

HP GREEN Inverter Pro |
HP PREMIUM for larger pool |
Tropical kit | up to 800 m³
Heating Output | HP GREEN Inverter Pro - Microwell
Heating Output
11.5-19.6 kW
Cooling Output | HP GREEN Inverter Pro - Microwell
Cooling Output
7.5 kW
COP | HP GREEN Inverter Pro - Microwell
Average COP | HP GREEN Inverter Pro - Microwell
Average COP
Operating Range | HP GREEN Inverter Pro - Microwell
Operating Range
-15°C to +43°C
Expansion | HP GREEN Inverter Pro - Microwell
DC compressor | HP GREEN Inverter Pro - Microwell
DC compressor
Full Stepless DC inverter compressor
Fan | HP GREEN Inverter Pro - Microwell
DC Inverter
Pool size
95 m³
Colors list
  • Automatic cooling/heating
  • Inverter technology with variable speed DC compressor
  • Full high-end inverter with best equipment and features (exceeding Full low-end inverter and step inverter)
  • Heat pump of the highest quality and sophisticated inverter electronics
  • Built in WiFi module for mobile phone control as standard
  • "Smart INVERTER" mobile app.
  • Winter module for year-round use as standard
  • With soft start which lowers the electricity needs, prolongs product life and avoids current peaks
  • Rapid defrosting of the ice, making it more efficient
  • With SuperSilent mode with power limited to 65% making it the quietest inverter pool heat pump
  • Air exchanger in Goldfin offering more hydropholic surface and better heat Exchange efficiency
  • Remote control system, which enables other control system to control heat pump
  • New environment-friendly refrigerant R32
  • Available in COMPACT & SPLIT versions
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Standard equipment


HP GREEN Inverter Pro - Microwell

360 view

Why Inverter from Microwell?
  1. We offer probably the most up-to-date cutting edge technology. This is called High End Full Stepless Inverter. Amongst the sea of inverters this is like no one other.
  2. We equip the water heat exchanger with the best titanium class Grade 1 and the highest volume of titanium, leading to biggest heat exchange surface (up to 0.8m2).. It is the first of commercially available pure titanium grades. It is the softest and most ductile type of titanium material. It possesses the greatest formability and excellent corrosion resistance. Grade 1 titanium will ensure long happy life of the heat pump and will also prevent possible transport damage due to its high impact toughness.
  3. We use currently the best hydrophobic and protection coating with goldish look called GOLDFIN. Heat pump during its operations condensates considerable amount of water on its cooler fins, the more phobic material the better for the heat pump. Why protection? Because salt present in sea wind or acid rains damage other types of heat pumps without GoldFin. But GoldFin is able to resist these elements.
  4. We not only say that our heat pumps are to minus 15 degrees but we also equip the pumps with needed hardware to do so. The compressor is preheated and condensate tray is heated so the pump never freezes.
  5. With the pump you receive as standard package without any surchages Wi-Fi based on newest IOT platfrom TUYA and remote control contact.
  6. SuperSilent+ mode limiting the capacity of the heat pump to 65% when activated. This will ensure your desired water temperature at such a low noise level that you can essentially sleep in the room next to the heat pump.
  7. Proved performance and durability by customers across 20 countries and counting.

The highest HIGH-END Inverter pool heat pump - EXPLORE MORE

Smart INVERTER App Operation Video:

Microwell swimming pool heat pumps are designed for heating or cooling the water in pools and hot tubs at minimum operational costs.

HP 1700 Green Inverter Pro is a powerful heat pump suited for pools up to 95m3 in volume.

HP 1700 Green Inverter Pro provides 19.6 kW of heating capacity at conditions of air temperature 27°C, water temperature 15°C and air humidity 80%. This heat pump can provide up to 17 kW of heating at typical seaside conditions of air temperature 26°C, water temperature 26°C and air humidity 80%. At typical inland conditions of air temperature 26°C, water temperature 26°C and air humidity 63% the heat pump provides with 11.5 kW.

HP Inverter technology

Inverter technology enables powerful yet quiet performance of Microwell heat pumps, while minimising the energy consumption. New Microwell models come exclusively with R32 gas.

Heat and cool with one device. Heat pump HP 1700 Green is designed for heating and cooling. The control is very simple. When you set your desired water temperature, the heat pump will automatically heat or cool to keep your desired temperature. HP 1700 Green Inverter Pro provides with up to 7.5 kW cooling output.

Highly efficient ecological refrigerant

Reducing Global Warming & Ozone Layer Depletion by HP production The quantity of R32 refrigerant used is significantly lower as compared to the R410A refrigerant. Consequently, this results in decreasing the potential of global warming and minimal depletion of the ozone layer. That´s why Microwell developed the new generation of swimming pool heat pumps, working on the principles of R32 refrigerant with higher capacity.

High efficiency. Swimming pool heat pump is designed to compensate higher investment costs by very low operational costs compared to electric or gas heater. Microwell heat pumps are designed for a maximum efficiency reaching COP values up to 7. Efficiency of the heat pump is a ratio between power consumption (energy you pay) and actual heating or cooling output (energy you receive). With electric heater, the ratio is 1=1, i.e. what you consume and pay you get in the form of heat. Gas heaters may reach efficiency of 1.3. Heat pump’s COP of 7 means that you pay for 1kWh and you get 7kWh of energy. In cooling mode the heat pump provides with solid ratio of 4. Heat pump’s advantage is that it is independent from sun, day or night and weather. Currently the heat pump is the most efficient way of water conditioning in pools or hot tubs.

How is heat pump so efficient? Microwell HP1700 Green heat pump is able to extract the heat/cold that is present in ambient environment and leveraged pass it into the pool water. If you take your refrigerator, it creates cold inside the fridge by releasing the heat from the back. Heat pump takes the heat (energy or calories) from ambient air and transforms it into the water. The surrounding air cools down in the process. When working in cooling mode, the excessive heat from water is passed into surrounding air. When heating, higher the ambient air temperature is, more free energy can the heat pump extract and thus reach higher efficiency. At favorable conditions you pay around 15% of heat, i.e. 85% of heat is free. Microwell heat pump is built on currently the most eco-friendly refrigerant R32.

Extraordinary INVERTER line. Microwell INVERTER swimming pool heat pumps provide warm pool:

  • At lowest cost possible
  • In shortest possible time
  • With lowest noise possible

HP 1700 Green Microwell swimming pool heat pumps can be connected to existing water system (filtration) or it can have an individual circulation pump. A swimming pool heat pump needs continuous water flow to heat or cool. The machine tells the circulation pump when heat pump needs to heat or cool. The circulation is turned on and off according to this request. Microwell applies specially designed software that will sample the water and also put the whole system into sleep for the time when heating or cooling is not required. This saves precious energy and results in lower operational costs of the pool.

Full year heating. HP 1700 Green is also designed for a full year heating, particularly winter time. Typical winter can experience air temperatures -15°C. Heat pump thus needs to be protected against possible frost damage and equipped with systems that will keep the heat pump’s performance at desired level.

Long livelihood. Microwell swimming pool heat pumps are designed for 15+ years livelihood. The product requires minimal maintenance. You only need to ensure cleanness of air exchanger from leaves, dust and other particles.

Titanium. Amount of titanium is very important to a swimming pool heat pump. The amount talks about the actual heat transfer area, i.e. power and efficiency of each heat pump. Microwell is proudly using 40% more titanium in heat pumps’ water exchangers. This maximizes the performance and efficiency COP&EER far ahead of others. HP 1700 Green uses 0.8m2 of titanium whereas others use less than 0.25m2.

Microwell heat pump is only 648mm high, 954mm wide and 429mm deep. This saves space and does not protrude in the garden.

Microwell HP 1700 Green consumes on average 2.5kW while heating to 11.5 kW (air temperature15°C, water temperature 26°C, relative humidity 70%) at 46dB(A) only confirms how well designed and manufactured the pumps are.

Extra features. Microwell is continuously focusing on customers’ demands and wishes. Each heat pump is equipped with special features unique about Microwell heat pumps.

antiVIBRATION+ offering special set of mounting silent blocks eliminating excessive vibration and noise.

ultraQUIET+ offering exceptional silence of the unit eliminating any excessive noise.

easyINSTALL+ Heat pump is designed as plug-n-play device.

WINTER module allowing the pump to work down to -15°C of ambient air temperature.

Built in WiFi module with mobile application SMART INVERTER.

Remote control system, which enables other control system to control heat pump.

Condensate tray defrost and Heat exchanger frost protection to complete the winter package and operations down to -15°C of ambient air temperature.

Typically, the unit is in stock near you. Due to many different ways the unit can be tailored on demand, it may take up to 10 days to deliver the unit to you.

If you need assistance in sizing the right heat pump for you please use our online HOW TO CHOOSE tool

Or click on SELECT THE RIGHT HEAT PUMP on the left side of your screen.

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Technical data

Pool capacity (m³ / cover / no cover)
Heating capacity (kW / A26 / W26 / RH80%)
Heating capacity (kW / A26 / W26 / RH63%)
Heating capacity (kW / A26 / W26 / RH35%)
Heating capacity (kW / A15 / W26 / RH80%)
Heating capacity (kW / A15 / W26 / RH63%)
Heating capacity (kW / A15 / W26 / RH35%)
Heating capacity (kW / A27 / W15 / RH80%)
Cooling capacity (kW / A35 / W28 / RH80%)
Average COP
Power consumption (kW)
Operating temperature (°C)
Water flow (m³h / kPa)
Power supply (V AC/ph)
Heat exchanger (Titanium type)
Titanium surface (m²)
Acoustic pressure level(dB(A) / 1m / 2m / 4m / 8m)
Water circuit connection (mm / inch / thread)
Dimensions (WxHxD)
HP 1000/1100 Omega/Premium
13.1 - 13.9
10.7 - 11.3
9.7 - 10.3
10.3 - 10.9
8.4 - 8.9
7.6 - 8.1
6.8 - 8.2
4.2 - 7.9
1.74 - 1.88
-15 to +40
4-6 / 5-15 (1 - 5)
Titanium Gr 2 ASTM B338
0.43 - 0.60
50mm | 6/4 | Internal
from 840x680x310
HP 1700 Green Inverter pro
-15 to +43
Titanium Gr 1 ASTM B265
50mm | 6/4 | Internal
HP 2300/2400 Inventor/Premium
27.2 - 28.8
23.0 - 24.4
20.9 - 22.2
21.6 - 22.9
17.6 - 18.7
16.0 - 17.0
20.1 - 21.7
5.1 - 8.5
3.51 - 3.59
-15 to +40
8-10 / 5-15 (1-5)
Titanium Gr 2 ASTM B338
0.95 - 1.2
50mm | 6/4 | Internal
from 942x1250x360
HP 2800/3000 Inventor/Premium
33.5 - 35.5
28.4 - 30.1
25.8 - 27.4
27.1 - 28.7
22.9 - 24.3
20.8 - 22.1
25.0 - 26.8
5.1 - 8.5
4.34 - 4.44
-15 to +40
8-12 / 5-15 (1-5)
Titanium Gr 2 ASTM B338
1.2 - 1.4
50mm | 6/4 | Internal
from 942x1250x360
HP GREEN 1000/1400 on-off
40/30 - 65/45
7.8 - 14.2
8.2 - 11.8
7.8 - 10.8
8.5 - 12.2
7.0 - 10.0
6.4 - 9.1
4.1 - 6.0
4.6 - 4.7
1.74 - 2.57
-15 to +40
4 - 8 / 15
Titanium Gr 1 ASTM B265
0.42 - 0.48
50mm | 6/4 | Internal
from 986x657x340
HP GREEN 1100/1500 Inverter Pro
65/30 - 80/40
10.8 - 15
9.0 - 12.5
8.4 - 11.4
9.4 - 12.8
7.7 - 10.5
7.0 - 9.5
12.4 - 17.3
4.5 - 6.7
4.5 - 15.0
0.2 - 2.28
-10 to +43
3.5 - 4 / 14
Titanium Gr 2 ASTM B338
0.52 - 0.7
50mm | 6/4 | Internal
HP GREEN 2100/2700 Inverter Pro
105/50 - 135/60
21.0 - 27.5
19.5 - 23.5
17.8 - 21.9
19.1 - 24.7
14.8 - 19.4
14.1 - 18.5
24.2 - 31.6
9.5 - 11.9
4.6 - 15.0
0.41 - 3.91
-10 to +43
230/1 - 400/3
Titanium Gr 2 ASTM B338
0.9 - 1.0
50mm | 6/4 | Internal
from 954x748x429

Manufacturer reserves the right to change the technical data without notice.