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Swimming pool heat pumps

HP 1700Compact

HP 1100 | 40 m³
HP 1000 | 40 m³
HP 1500 | 60 m³
HP 1400 | 60 m³
HP 1700 | 70 m³
HP 2300 | 80 m³
HP 2400 | 80 m³
HP 2800 | 120 m³
HP 3000 | 120 m³
HP Green line Inverter | 40 m³
HP Green line | 40 m³
Tropical kit | up to 800 m³
Heating Output | HP 1700 - Microwell
Heating Output
14,7-21,2 kW
Cooling Output | HP 1700 - Microwell
Cooling Output
12.21 kW
COP | HP 1700 - Microwell
Operating Range | HP 1700 - Microwell
Operating Range
- 15°C to + 40°C
Pool size
70 m³
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Most efficient heating solution

MICROWELL HP 1700 is innovative pool water conditioning solution. With 14.7 kW capacity it is optimised for bigger pools (but it has a much wider use), delivering continuous and stable production of water heating or cooling. Designed on the principle of renewable energy source, MICROWELL HP 1700 is exceptionally efficiency, has low environment impact and low costs consumption; all a result of superior Microwell technology.

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HP 1700 - Microwell



Operating on the thermodynamic principle, which is considered to be one of the most energy efficient systems for water heating or water cooling, Microwell heat pumps are capable of extracting ambient air from any environment ensuring maximum performance with an efficiency that remains unsurpassed on the market.

Microwell swimming pool heat pumps are designed for heating or cooling the water in pools and hot tubs at minimum operational costs.

HP1700 COMPACT is a powerful heat pump suited for pools up to 70m3 in volume.

HP1700 COMPACT can provide up to 21.2kW of heating at typical seaside conditions of air temperature 26°C, water temperature 26°C and air humidity 80%. At typical inland conditions of air temperature 26°C, water temperature 26°C and air humidity 63% the heat pump provides with 17.01kW. At dry conditions with humidity 35% the pump reaches above 15.7kW heating output.

Heat and cool with one device. Heat pump HP1700 COMPACT is designed for heating and cooling. The control is very simple. When you set your desired water temperature, the heat pump will automatically heat or cool to keep your desired temperature. HP1700 COMPACT provides with up to 12.21kW cooling output.

High efficiency. Swimming pool heat pump is designed to compensate higher investment costs by very low operational costs compared to electric or gas heater. Microwell heat pumps are designed for a maximum efficiency reaching COP values up to 7. Efficiency of the heat pump is a ratio between power consumption (energy you pay) and actual heating or cooling output (energy you receive). With electric heater, the ratio is 1=1, i.e. what you consume and pay you get in the form of heat. Gas heaters may reach efficiency of 1.3. Heat pump’s COP of 7 means that you pay for 1kWh and you get 7kWh of energy. In cooling mode the heat pump provides with solid ratio of 4. Heat pump’s advantage is that it is independent from sun, day or night and weather. Currently the heat pump is the most efficient way of water conditioning in pools or hot tubs.

How is heat pump so efficient? Microwell HP 1700 COMPACT heat pump is able to extract the heat/cold that is present in ambient environment and leveraged pass it into the pool water. If you take your refrigerator, it creates cold inside the fridge by releasing the heat from the back. Heat pump takes the heat (energy or calories) from ambient air and transforms it into the water. The surrounding air cools down in the process. When working in cooling mode, the excessive heat from water is passed into surrounding air. When heating, higher the ambient air temperature is, more free energy can the heat pump extract and thus reach higher efficiency. At favorable conditions you pay around 15% of heat, i.e. 85% of heat is free. Microwell heat pump is built on currently the most eco-friendly refrigerant R410A.

Compact / Split. Microwell heat pumps are designed as compact or split machines. A Compact unit (HP1700 COMPACT) is a one-box device that requires water and electrical connection. Its advantage is simple and quick installation. Disadvantage is that it is typically installed few meters from pool which may lead into visual or noise disturbance. A split heat pump (HP1700 SPLIT) is just like a split air conditioner or ceiling cassette air conditioner. The idea is to have warm or cool water at no visual or noise disturbance. Split heat pump can be installed as far as 30m away from pool. Typically the unit is hidden by the house, on the roof or in the backyard behind trees. This is also very safe for children.

Microwell heat pumps are sold throughout entire network of professional resellers with strong technical support. The distributors will gladly handle any of your pre and post sales technical matter.

HP1700 COMPACT is equipped with Microwell unique microECONOMY+ feature offering the most economy circulation pump control. Microwell swimming pool heat pumps can be connected to existing water system (filtration) or it can have an individual circulation pump. A swimming pool heat pump needs continuous water flow to heat or cool. HP1700 COMPACT tells the circulation pump when heat pump needs to heat or cool. The circulation is turned on and off according to this request. Microwell applies specially designed software that will sample the water and also put the whole system into sleep for the time when heating or cooling is not required. This saves precious energy and results in lower operational costs of the pool.

Full year heating. HP1700 COMPACT is also designed for a full year heating, particularly winter time. Typical winter can experience air temperatures -15°C. Heat pump thus needs to be protected against possible frost damage and equipped with systems that will keep the heat pump’s performance at desired level.

Long livelihood. Microwell swimming pool heat pumps are designed for 15+ years livelihood. The product requires minimal maintenance. You only need to ensure cleanness of air exchanger from leaves, dust and other particles.

Titanium. Amount of titanium is very important to a swimming pool heat pump. The amount talks about the actual heat transfer area, i.e. power and efficiency of each heat pump. Microwell is proudly using 40% more titanium in heat pumps’ water exchangers. This maximizes the performance and efficiency COP&EER far ahead of others. HP1700 COMPACT uses 0.95m2 of titanium whereas others use less than 0.25m2.

Microwell heat pump is only 707mm high and 453mm deep. This saves space and does not protrude in the garden.

Microwell HP1700 COMPACT consumes on average 3.47kW while heating to 17.01kW (air temperature 26°C, water temperature 26°C, relative humidity 63%) at 39dB(A) only confirms how well designed and manufactured the pumps are.

Extra features. Microwell is continuously focusing on customers’ demands and wishes. Each heat pump is equipped with special features unique about Microwell heat pumps.

antiVIBRATION+ offering special set of mounting silent blocks eliminating excessive vibration and noise.

microECONOMY+ offering the most economical circulation pump control.

antiFREEZE+ offering non-stop antifreeze protection of your heat pump.

WINTER module allowing the pump to work down to -15°C of ambient air temperature.

Condensate tray defrost and Heat exchanger frost protection to complete the winter package and operations down to -15°C of ambient air temperature.

Microwell has been in business for 25 years, currently exporting to 30+ countries worldwide.

Typically, the unit is in stock near you. Due to many different ways the unit can be tailored on demand, it may take up to 10 days to deliver the unit to you.

If you need assistance in sizing the right heat pump for you please use our online HOW TO CHOOSE tool.

Or click on SELECT THE RIGHT HEAT PUMP on the left side of your screen.

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Technical data

Pool capacity (m³ / cover / no cover)
Heating capacity (kW / A25 / W10 / RH35%)
Heating capacity (kW / A26 / W26 / RH63%)
Heating capacity (kW / A26 / W10 / RH80%)
Cooling capacity (kW / A30 / W35)
Power consumption (kW)
COP (A26 / W26 / RH63%)
Operating temperature (C)
Water flow (m³h / kPa)
Power supply (V AC/ph)
Heat exchanger (Titanium type)
Titanium surface (m²)
Acoustic pressure level(dB(A) / 1m / 2m / 4m / 8m)
Water circuit connection (mm / inch / thread)
Dimensions (WxHxD)
HP 1000/1100
9.1 - 10
10.7 - 11.3
13.1 - 13.9
6.5 - 7.2
1.74 - 1.88
5.7 - 6.5
-15 to +40
4-6 / 5-15 (1 - 5)
Titanium Gr 2 ASTM B338
0.43 - 0.56
from 870x655x320
HP 1400/1500
12.1 - 13
14.1 - 14.9
17.2 - 17.4
9.5 - 10.3
2.29 - 2.47
5.7 - 6.15
-15 to +40
4-6 / 5-15 (1 - 5)
Titanium Gr 2 ASTM B338
0.48 - 0.70
from 870x655x320
HP 1700
-15 to +40
6-8 / 5-15
Titanium Gr 2 ASTM B338
HP 2300/2400
-15 to +40
8-10 / 5-15
Titanium Gr 2 ASTM B338
from 942x1250x360
HP 2800/3000
-15 to +40
8-12 / 5-15
Titanium Gr 2 ASTM B338
from 942x1250x360
HP GREEN 1000/1400 on-off
40/30 - 60/40
7.8 - 10.8
8.2 - 11.8
9.8 - 14.2
6.8 - 8.1
1.92 - 2.59
-15 to +40
4 - 8 / 15
Titanium Gr 2 ASTM B338
0.42 - 0.48
from 1045x710x440
HP GREEN 1000/1400 Inverter Pro
40/30 - 60/40
7.7 - 10.5
5.2 - 5.4
10.8 - 15
7.6 - 9.5
1.72 - 2.09
5.2 - 5.4
-15 to +40
3.5 - 4 / 14
Titanium Gr 2 ASTM B338
0.52 - 0.7
from 1050x870x450

Manufacturer reserves the right to change the technical data without notice.