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Museum dehumidifiers

DRY 400 Gallery

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DRY 400 Gallery |
Power Consumption | DRY 400 Gallery - Microwell
Power Consumption
700 W
Noise Level | DRY 400 Gallery - Microwell
Noise Level
42 dB
Room size
500 m³
48 l
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Discreet design for exhibition environment

DRY GALLERY 400 is an elegant and mobile solution for small exhibition spaces. With standard glossy white cabinet-like housing on wheels, it can be easily and non-intrusively placed in any environment. Specially adapted for quiet and low vibration work, it is equipped with 20-liter condensation tank and digital humidistat and thermostat, capable of extracting 48 litres per day.

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DRY 400 Gallery - Microwell

Microwell DRY 400 GALLERY is a comprehensive solution for managing museum environment. It continuously measures the ambient temperature and humidity level present in the room. Since different collections might have different humidity requirements, DRY GALLERY offers fully adjustable control to meet a variety of relative humidity requirements.

DRY GALLERY is a winning museum dehumidifier for its blend-in design. The unit comes in a wooden casing with continuous condensate drainage and removable 20 liters /app. 5,3Gallons/ water tank.

To access the condensate water tank you only need to open the door of the dehumidifier structure just as if you were opening door on your wardrobe.

Unit comes with a very quiet rotary compressor which is double insulated against noise and vibrations.

DRY GALLERY is an ideal choice for museums that need to manage their humidity in range of 20-80% at air temperatures from +15°C to +35°C. One unit can cover up to 275m3 of space to have rapid response towards increased humidity. DRY GALLERY is equipped with fan with 550m3/h. This means that if a steady humidity control is required rather than quick response to an increased humidity, the unit is well able to cover a space of 500m3. You only need to ensure good air circulation in terms that the air inlets and outlets are not blocked by objects, pillars, ceiling beams, etc.

DRY GALLERY comes with self-explanatory digital control, could be equipped with wireless radio control on demand.

Many ask about air filter. The unit can be equipped with air filter on demand. This is a washable fiberglass filter mounted in aluminum frame. Depending solely on each particular venue the filter must be washed on regular basis. Some applications demand one cleaning per year another one per quarter. The period is solely dependent on each particular venue, it’s cleanness, number of visitors, etc.

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Technical data

Room volume (m³)
Extraction rate (l/24hrs) 30°C/60%RH
Extraction rate (l/24hrs) 20°C/60%RH
Air flow (m³/h)
Noise level at 1m dist. (dB(A))
Power consumption
Heat output (W)
Dimensions netto (w/h/l)
Weight (kg)
DRY 300 Gallery

Manufacturer reserves the right to change the technical data without notice.