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Microclimate protection

microLIGHT+ lampmicroLIGHT+ lamp

microLIGHT+ |
microLIGHT+ lamp |
BLUE Light | microLIGHT+ lamp - Microwell
BLUE Light
0-40% RH
GREEN Light | microLIGHT+ lamp - Microwell
40-60% RH
RED Light | microLIGHT+ lamp - Microwell
RED Light
60-100% RH
Colors list

Know your current humidity through color

Microwell microLIGHT+ technology was designed as reliable microclimate protection solution. While working as a regular freestanding light unit, that can be placed anywhere in the room, microLIGHT+ lamp provides the most accurate and safe humidity reading, beneficial for every home environment.

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Standard equipment
  • mikroLIGHT + lamp
  • User Guide
  • 230 V AC adapter


microLIGHT+ lamp - Microwell


Microwell microLIGHT+ is a unique LED technology designed to quickly and accurately measure the level of humidity in any indoor environment. Working on the principle of relative humidity reading, microLIGHT+uses multiLED light system to transmit gathered information. Gathered values are automatically reflected in colour gradient, are notifying the level of relative microclimate humidity in real time.