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Microclimate protection


microLIGHT+ |
microLIGHT+ lamp |
BLUE Light | microLIGHT+ - Microwell
BLUE Light
0-40% RH
GREEN Light | microLIGHT+ - Microwell
40-60% RH
RED Light | microLIGHT+ - Microwell
RED Light
60-100% RH
Colors list

Know your current humidity through color

Microwell microLIGHT+ technology is primarely designed as an accessory to DRY dehumidifiers, measuring and automatically reflecting current relative humidity by changing the colour gradient between blue, green and red colour. Blue LED light indicates a low level of relative humidity, green LED light marks an ideal range of relative humidity, while shiny red LED light indicates a high level of relative humidity present in the room.

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microLIGHT+ - Microwell
Microwell microLIGHT+ is a unique LED technology designed to quickly and accurately measure the level of humidity in any indoor environment. Working on the principle of relative humidity reading, microLIGHT+uses multiLED light system to transmit gathered information. Gathered values are automatically reflected in colour gradient, are notifying the level of relative microclimate humidity in real time.